Main Maayke Chali Jaungi 15th October 2018 Written Update

Main Maayke Chali Jaungi 15th October 2018 Written Update by MA

Main Maayke Chali Jaungi 15th October 2018 Written Episode

In the morning, Samar wakes up and sees Jaya enjoying morning tea happily and asks if she got mobile out from locker. She says she kept mother and MIL’s birthday combination as password, so she had forgotten it, now she remembers it. Samar says if she would have set only her mother’s birthday as password, she would have remembered well. They both get ready and walk down for breakfast. Whole family wish happy birthday to dadaji and give him gifts. He blesses family and leaves for temple darshan with Lallan. Jaya says she did not know about Dadaji’s birthday and did not bring any gift. Chachi suggests to gift shawl or sweater. Jaya says she wants to organize family dance program for Dadaji like she does for her Naani. Family gets excited. Rama calls Satya and

invites her for Dadaji’s birthday party. Chachi says who will teach them dance. Jaya says they will hire a choreographer. Rama says Sarika will choreograph them. She calls Sarika and invites her for Dadaji’s birthday party and says she will call her MIL and inform. Sarika informs her husband who is about to leave for office and arrogantly says she should concentrate on this family and not her maika. She says she will return tomorrow. He says she should return home by 9 pm, himself gets a client’s call and says he will meet him sharp 9 p.m. for dinner, warns Sarika to be at home by 9 p.m. even if he is not at home and leaves.
Dadaji with Lallan returns home in the evening and finds house dark. Lallan says he paid bill on time. Family switches on light. Sarika wishes him happy birthday. Rama and her husband dance on an old song and entertain followed by Chacha and Chachi and then Vijay and Jyoti. Jaya eagerly waits for her turn. Jyoti slips and falls and sprains her leg. Dadaji orders to stop dance. Jyoti requests to cut the cake at least. He cuts cake and feeds family. Sarika says Rama that she will leave now. Rama asks to have dinner and go. Sarika says she cannot stay. Satya says she should obey her mother. Rama says she can go as her in-laws house is important important to her now. Satya stands fuming.

Anjali brainwashes Sarika that her jethani is jealous of her and did not want her to perfom, so she acted and stopped dance program. Sarika says Jyoti would not do that. In room, Vijay applies balm to Jyoti’s sprained leg. Lallan uses his chiropractic knowledge, twists leg and refixes it. Jyoti is surprised to see no pain and walks back down, walks in front of Dadaji and says Lallanji cured her sprain with his knowledge. Anjali brainwashes Jaya again. Satya while leaving brainwashes Jaya further. Jaya says Jyoti would not lie. Satya scolds to find out people’s bad intentions and always obey her mother. Jaya gets suspicious.

Jaya walks into kitchen and helps Jyoti. Jyoti says dance performance was really good and everyone praised her dance, good Rama did not dance as she is a very good dance, else everyone would have praised Jaya instead. Jaya angrily leaves. Jyoti continuing to work says it is a small party, they can organize party during next birthday and Jaya can garner praises. She turns and does not find Jaya. Jaya walks to Samar and complains that Jyoti acted purposefully. Samar says why would she. Jaya says mamma told. Samar says now he understood what is the problem. Jaya warns not to blame mamma.. Their argument starts.

Precap: Jaya goes to maika again. Family says who goes to maika for simple issue. Samar says this is not the first time she left. Whole family reaches Satya’s house.

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